Tree Surveys on Development Sites

In order to get any Development Plans approved when building near trees, an Arboricultural Survey to the BS5837 Standard will be required. We routinely undertake these surveys and work with our clients to get the Arboricultural issues agreed with the Planning Department. There are 3 main requirements to any BS5837 Arboricultural Survey:

(i) The Pre-Development Tree Survey

We carry out a tree survey on site, collecting survey data and making an assessment of the tree condition in accordance with the categorisation of the BS5837 Standard. As well as the Report, we produce a Tree Survey Schedule and Tree Plan with the extent of the Root Protection Areas and Canopies highlighted.

(ii) Arboricultural Implications Assessment

The purpose of this report is to identify and discuss the implications of the proposed development for the trees on the site and to make recommendations for mitigation of potentially adverse impacts. As well as the Report and Schedules, we would produce the Tree Constraints Plan and Tree Protection Plan. At this stage, we would generally also produce an outline Method Statement to be presented with the Planning Application.

(iii) Method Statement

Once proposals have been finalised the local authority may require an approved Arboricultural Method Statement in order to ensure that trees are not damaged during construction. The Arboricultural Method Statement is essentially a document for all contractors, clients and other personnel on site before, during and after the Construction of the development. It states quite clearly how the trees are to be protected and managed throughout the whole construction process, and how they will be managed and maintained for future years.

This document is generally produced in discussion with the Tree Officer of the Local Planning Authority so that any comments or concerns that they have can be addressed and overcome. It is essential that this is a realistic and working document for all parties concerned.

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