Tree Risk Assessment

Trees will always pose a degree of risk, but as in all walks of life, we do accept risk and live with it daily. Evaluating the potential risk that trees pose to people and property requires a method of assessment that provides sound arboricultural recommendations with realistic aims for managing risk to an acceptable level.

There has been a tendency in the past for, often expensive, works to be carried out on trees purely on the basis that they have a defect that suggests a high likelihood of a branch or whole tree failing. Such defect-led decisions are likely to result in high levels of expenditure which actually do little to improve overall safety and do not provide any indication of when it is acceptable to stop carrying out remedial work.

The TreeWise system incorporates the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment system which is a standard risk assessment methodology in the Arboricultural Industry which assesses the risk from tree failure and facilitates proportionate tree safety management at reasonable cost.